Project Skill: UI

MyState App

The Problem A common theme for all Councils, large and small, is they have a requirement to: Deliver up-to-date & dynamic content via the Council website and multiple social channels; Utilise a number of tools provided by different vendors that are not integrated with their website platform; Expectations In todays day and age, there is a greater expectation that technology will make our lives easier. Less steps and effort required to produce work quicker and more efficiently. General expectations also include: Centralised login for managing multiple websites & applications; Applications/platforms do the heavy lifting – less effort & skill/knowledge...

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UI / UX web project full cycle

Consolidation – 5 sites into 1 Facilitated workshops with the organisation was required to identify what pages and sections could be grouped under what headings while ensuring usability and accessibility of content was not impacted. Development of the Information Architecture (IA) After the completed workshop and several additional discussions and iterations, a logical, user friendly and functional sitemap was agreed upon. Presented as a visual workflow, the customer was able to clearly understand the structure and how the user would access content and browse the site. Wireframe concepts Due to the limited timeframe of the project, the development of...

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Travel Wish List App

Initial View The main content area of the App is primarily for the 100% width map, which: Displays any number of pins listing locations that have been added by users; Display the number of votes each location has received from users; If a location has received five or more unique Votes, the location pin will display a different colour. For example: Location pins with under five votes will be blue whereas as location pins with five or more votes will be red. Notifications The interface consists of a fixed header displaying the company logo on the left, and a...

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Compliance Search Tool

Original search tool Wireframe concept v1 Wireframe concept v1 with fly-out filter controls Wireframe concept v2 Final Design Concepts (based on Wireframe...

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